MapDotNet UX is a software for building state of the art solutions employing geospatial visualization, analysis and integration. Private companies and public municipalities across the globe use MapDotNet in their products and software services. Developers routinely download and incorporate MapDotNet with the help of our iSDK, forums and online documentation. We also provide software services and training to jump-start your development. 

What is in the box?

  1. WCF (SOAP and REST) Services for performing a variety of GIS tasks such as map and tile generation, spatial queries and edits
  2. A set of assemblies called Engine for providing the same functionality as the services but in disconnected and mobile applications
  3. A desktop tool for map design, ETL and tile caching called Studio
  4. A .net SDK for HTML5, Silverlight, and WPF GIS application development
  5. Samples for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012.

MapDotNet UX Architecture Diagram: